It’s Time To Cut The Cable and Home Phone

Cable is Ridiculous

How many channels do you have with your premium cable bundle? Do you even understand? Do you understand exactly what’s playing on channel 766 at 8 pm on Wednesday? You ought to. You’re spending for all that goodies on the QVC channel that you have never see and for the entire channel devoted to paid announcements that gives more TV time to Chuck Norris to hock the “total gym” than he ever saw with Walker: Texas Ranger. You are spending for numerous channels you will never ever see playing lousy shows that no one should ever lay eyes on.

Enter: The internet.

Invented by Al Gore at some point in the 90’s (joking), the internet has actually grown greatly. They have even put TV shows and movies on someone else’s servers so you can stream them to your computer. Not only that, but a number of your preferred shows can be viewed Free Of Charge using the program’s network site or by merely looking it up on If you want a more exceptional service, Netflix, and HULU Plus both off a paid-for service that allows you to see whole seasons of your preferred shows and a lot of movies from the benefit of your personal computer (still MORE AFFORDABLE than cable). Heck, they’ve even built in those applications into TV’s, digital media receivers, as well as video game consoles like the Xbox and Nintendo Wii. Continue Reading →